T1dotters crowned the Call of Duty ANZ Champions!

On Saturday March 1st ANZ's eight best Call of Duty teams gathered live in Sydney to compete for the title of ANZ Champion, $15,000 in prize money and two qualifications spots to the Call of Duty Championship in LA.

As the day kicked off some teams came out of the gates firing, while others took a little time to warm up. The first featured game of the day on stage was Trident.iNS vs Adamant which would hold one of the most closely contested series of the tournament. Trident.iNS took an early lead in the series and before you knew it they were up 2-0, needing only 1 more win to progress further into the Winners Bracket. Adamant had their backs against the wall and came together as a team to secure the next 3 games of the series, defeating Trident.iNS 3-2.

Up next we had two powerhouse teams in Avant Garde and Trident T1dotters take the stage, both hoping to progress one step further in the tournament eyes firmly set on that trip to LA. Much like the previous series, we saw Trident T1dotters come out strong and quickly securing the first 2 games of the series. What proceeded to happen next was the biggest upset of the tournament as Avant Garde caught fire. Following some exceptional plays from Khooie and Benno from Avant Garde they managed to come back from a 2-0 deficit to defeat Trident T1dotters 3-2.

While all this nail-biting action was occurring in the Winners Bracket, one of the underdogs of the tournament Flair Gaming from New Zealand were turning a lot of heads in the Losers Bracket. Slowly but surely they inched their way up until they me Trident T1dotters in Losers Bracket Round 3. Unfortunately for Flair Gaming, Trident T1dotters would see to it their run ended there, which meant Flair Gaming walked away with a very respectful 4th place finish.

Going into this tournament Team Immunity were the favourites, being the most dominant Call of Duty team in ANZ for some time. They came up against Avant Garde in the Winner Bracket Final and in the pre-game interview captain Vilesyder from Avant Garde revealed that his squad had never before managed to defeat Immunity on LAN. Unfortunately for Avant Garde the fierce gameplay and momentum they showed in their previous series against Trident T1dotters seemed to have diminished and Team Immunity showed why they are such a feared team, taking down Avant Garde 3-0 and earning themselves the first spot to the Call of Duty Championship.

Up next was the Losers Bracket Final and for the second time in the tournament Trident T1dotters were up against Avant Garde which would see a continuation series played. It was do or die time for these two teams and the games went back and forth providing a great viewing experience for onlookers. With a great run through the Losers Bracket it seemed like Trident T1dotters were almost unstoppable, only dropping 1 game to Avant Garde in the series and taking it out 6-4, sending Avant Garde home with a 3rd place finish.

We now had our two Call of Duty Championship participants from ANZ: Team Immunity and Trident T1dotters. Both teams were ecstatic and had achieved what they set out to accomplish, however they still were competing for the 1st place prize of $6000 and the title of Call of Duty ANZ Champion. Both Team Immunity and Trident T1dotters came out strong going game for game until the series was tied 2-2. As Team Immunity had got to the Final without losing a series they had the advantage, meaning if they took out the next game they would be crowned Champions. Game 5 was one of the closest of the tournament which saw Trident T1dotters edge out Immunity by a single round and extended the series to a best of 11. The final game of the tournament was Blitz on Freight which saw Trident T1dotters leading by 6 captures at the half way point. Wanting to close it out they managed to put away cap after cap in the second half and before we knew it Trident T1dotters were leading by over 10 captures and the game was mathematically impossible to lose. The cheers and yells of celebration came out from Trident T1dotters and when the game ended both teams got up, shook hands and congratulated each other on their amazing performances.

The results of the Call of Duty Championship ANZ Regional Final were:

1 Trident T1dotters

2 Team Immunity

3 AvantGarde

4 Flair Gaming

5-6 Adamant, Trident.iNS

7-8 Royal, Nv

Trident T1dotters secures a 5th place finish in the 2014 Call of Duty Championship, Presented by Xbox

Australia’s very own Trident T1dotters represented ANZ in the 2014 Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox, live from Hollywood in Los Angeles where they impressed the world finishing in 5th place and taking home a prize of $75,000 AU.

With the global eSports community dubbing them “Koala Duty”, Trident T1dotters were the darlings of the tournament, coming from nowhere to beat Faze – the top ranked American team in their bracket of group play – and officially announcing their presence at the Championships. After defeating Faze, Trident T1dotters also took down the other two teams in their group including one Europe's best teams in Sk Gaming. Similarly, Team Immunity managed to defeat team EnVyUs in their Group, a team who would later place second overall in the tournament. These strong performances further cemented Australia’s place in eSports, as Trident were the only international team represented in the top six teams, with all other finalists from North America. Team Immunity also progressed from Group Play to finish 13th.

Trident T1dotters continued to surprise their competition, winning a total of six matches and losing only two matches to top ranked Teams EnvyUs and Optic Gaming who placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The Trident T1 Dotters winnings of $75,000 AU is the largest prize for an Australian team in ANZ eSports, and their success will continue to bolster the Australian eSports community for years to come.

Be sure to keep an eye on Trident T1dotters, now Curse AU, throughout the remainder of 2014 in the future as we are sure their strong performances both locally and internationally are just beginning.

The results of the Call of Duty Championship were:

1st: compLexity

2nd: EnVyUs

3rd: OpTic Gaming

4th: Strictly Business

5th: Trident T1dotters

6th: FaZe

7th: Rise Nation

8th: VexX Revenge

9th - 12th: Epsilon, TCM, Xfinity, Vitality.Rises

13th - 16th: Team Kaliber, Immunity, WiLD Gaming, Vitality.Returns